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I’ve been away for a few months, finding new shades of color and story in the Caribbean. There’s something about island life that seeps into you, an unhurried rhythm and simplicity that helps me to focus on my stories.
Thank you for allowing me the space and time to explore, and for your continued support and interest in my works. Life has a funny way of revealing its best lessons when we step off the beaten path, and this trip was no exception.



A triptych tape artwork by Max Zorn, showcasing an evocative Miami street scene, perfectly suited for Art Basel Miami collectors.

Title:              Neon Dreams 
Price:             28.000 USD
Size:               95 x 52 inch   —   240 x 130 cm
Material:    brown and colored packing tape
Series:         5 similar originals  
                          read all about “series” here

Frame:         3 black wooden frame, with LED-lit
                         backsheet (ready to hang).
                         Find out more about the frames here


Stunning triptych by Max Zorn, with a Miami nightscape in tape art, ideal for sophisticated interior design projects.

Intricately layered tape art triptych by Max Zorn, depicting a vivid Miami streetscape, a fresh discovery for contemporary art enthusiasts.







Elegant woman in red dress seated near a river with a vintage paddle steamer and palm trees in the background, reflecting the vibrant nightlife atmosphere in an artistic rendition by Max Zorn for his latest sale of original artworks

Title:              Crossroad 
Price:             8.000 USD

Size:               48 x 32 inch   —   120 x 80 cm
Material:    brown and colored packing tape
Series:         10 similar originals  
                          read all about “series” here

Frame:         Black wooden frame, with LED-lit
                         backsheet (ready to hang).
                         Find out more about the frames here

Max Zorn's tape artwork 'Crossroads' depicting a thoughtful woman by the waterfront, elegantly displayed in a living room setting."








Title:              Caribbean Nights
Price:             12.000 USD

Size:               48 x 32 inch   —   120 x 80 cm
Material:    brown and colored packing tape
Series:         10 similar originals  
                          read all about “series” here
Frame:         Black wooden frame, with LED-lit
                         backsheet (ready to hang).
                         Find out more about the frames here


Max Zorn's 'Caribbean Nights', a tape art piece displaying vintage cars at dusk, exquisitely lit and adding ambiance to a collector's room.


Artist Max Zorn in the process of crafting 'Caribbean Nights', his vibrant tape artwork depicting classic cars at dusk.


Max Zorn creates 'Caribbean Nights', a dynamic tape art scene, ideal for aficionados visiting Art Basel Miami.







A woman lost in thought, bathed in sunlight through a grand window, in 'Reverie' by Max Zorn, a packing tape artwork in a LED-lit frame.


Title:              Reverie 
Price:             3.500 USD

Size:               32 x 21 inch   —   80 x 54 cm
Material:    brown and colored packing tape
Series:         15 similar originals  
                          read all about “series” here
Frame:         Black wooden frame, with LED-lit
                         backsheet (ready to hang).
                         Find out more about the frames here


Elegantly lit 'Reverie' artwork by Max Zorn, depicting a thoughtful woman in a sunlit room, perfect for sophisticated wall decor.


Max Zorn's 'Reverie', a striking example of contemporary tape art, displayed in a luminous frame—ideal for collectors seeking unique wall art.





A couple in a tender embrace, rendered in golden tones through Max Zorn's unique packing tape art technique, part of the exclusive annual studio sale collection.

Title:              Duet 
Price:             1.250 Euro  —  1.500 USD

Size:               20 x 14 inch   —   50 x 35 cm
Material:    brown and colored packing tape
Series:          17 similar originals  
                          read all about “series” here
Frame:         Black wooden frame,  or lacquered
                         wine box, both  LED-lit.
                         Find out more about the frames here


Max Zorn's 'Duet' features a couple in a tender embrace, a tape art piece elegantly lit and showcased on a modern wall




A woman in repose, her features highlighted by the interplay of light and shadow in Max Zorn's 'Nocturne', a packing tape artwork available in the annual studio sale for collectors

Title:              Nocturne 
Price:             490 USD

Size:               8 x 10.5 inch   —   20 x 26 cm
Material:    brown and colored packing tape
Series:          20 similar originals  
                          read all about “series” here
Frame:         Framed in original LED-lit cigar box
  Find out more about the frames here


A captivating tape art piece by Max Zorn titled 'Nocturne', displayed in a LED-lit cigar box lightbox, highlighting a woman in a moment of contemplation.


Exquisite tape art 'Nocturne' by Max Zorn, ensconced in a vintage cigar box repurposed into an elegant LED lightbox, showcasing a contemplative female figure





Frequently Asked Questions


Why are some artworks reserved before the sale starts?

Newsletter subscribers got a notice ahead of the official opening time and have the right to reserve their favorite artwork. Feel welcome to subscribe yourself here:



What is a special sale?

I’m aware that prices for my artworks have been rising once they become public. My success as an artist wouldn’t be possible though without the ongoing interest and support of a global community that not necessarily has the deep pockets for art as collectors do. Therefore I traditionally offer selected new works or special editions for a short period exclusively on my website and below their usual price range.

These offers are limited to two works per household, work on a first-come-first-serve basis and are only up until the special sale is sold out and/or closed.

What is a series?

Repeating a theme allows me to work faster and therefore offer original artworks more affordably compared to a one-time-only motif.
Each single artwork is of course an original made from scratch, unique and signed. Although I try to have the artworks look alike, each one has its own character and differs slightly from the others. See it like the repeating performance of a Broadway play: although it follows the same script each night has a different dynamic.

Why is there a waiting list?

When an artwork comes in a series it doesn’t mean I have already created all versions of it. With popular editions it takes me some time to follow up on the demand.

Are these works going to last?

Yes, the works are going to last for decades to come. When finished, all works are sealed airtight to prevent humidity and air to dry out the adhesive. We also add an additional UV-resistant acrylic glass that not only protects the artwork from fading due to sunlight, but also encases the layers of tape between the two pieces of acrylic glass. 

What about the light boxes?

Light is what brings tape art to life. Like the effect of stained glass windows, light filters through the many layers of tape, creating a visual image. In order to display the works best indoor we build customized light boxes which support the motifs with warm, low temperature light, individually adjusted to the specific artwork. Due to the long lifetime and low temperature of LED light you may keep the light on permanently. 

Watch the video for some visuals on the framing and installation process:

What if the light goes off one day?

Adapters can die after a few years but the LED light is incredibly durable. The LED lights I use have an average life expectancy of 50.000 hours. In case they fail nonetheless just contact us at and we’ll send you a new adapter for free, or provide you with all instructions to replace the LED-strip. It’s a module system that allows exchanging parts relatively easily.

Is there a battery to charge the lightbox?

All light boxes have to be connected to the electric grid. An adapter/charger (that matches your region) and an extension cord are naturally included in your purchase. Experiments with batteries weren’t fruitful yet, simply because the costs of the frame would increase unreasonably.  Though somewhat annoying there are ways to hide the thin cable that connects lightbox and plug. During exhibitions e.g. we hide cables simply by taping them to the wall and painting the tape over with wall color.

How do I pay for an artwork?

Simply by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. Payments are only due once we walked through all questions you might have and you give the green light for a purchase. 

Can I pay in installments?

We offer payments in installments, usually starting with a down-payment of 20 percent. The outstanding amount can be split into monthly installments of your choice.