While searching for rare items to go with my tape works, I got my hands on vintage souvenirs from the legendary New Yorker “Stork Club”. Inspired by this I built customized light boxes using Stork Club imagery on the outside and inside, featuring an original token dated between 1936 and 1945 embedded on the lid of the box. Three of these boxes are available trough this website for 330 Euro per piece. This price includes below artwork, light box and adapter matching your region. Shipping costs will be added to the purchased price.

The sale is closed.

1 - sold


How to buy:

1. Send an email to buy@maxzorn.com with a sales inquiry. Please include your address to determine shipping time and costs.

2. Increase your chances: This sale will be open from September 19th 7.00 pm (Amsterdam, GMT + 2) until Sept. 20that 7.00 pm. First come first serve. The faster you write me the higher your chances are to own an artwork.

3. Acted too fast? Don’t worry. I read all e-mails and get back to all winners. We clarify all details, and we seal the deal only when everything looks good on both sides.

4. Right to withdrawal: Above all I want you to be happy with your artwork. If you don’t like the piece you can simply send it back within 14 days for a refund.

Good luck!


About the artwork:
“Satchmo in New York” is entirely made of brown packing tape, applied in layers on acrylic glass and cut with a sharp scalpel. Feel free to watch on of the making-of-videos to understand the process. The artwork comes in a size of 21 x 28 cm and is already framed in a special light box (see below).

The artwork depicts an imaginary scene featuring musician Louis Armstrong in front of a skyline loosely based of New York.
The exclusive price for the first 3 artworks is 330 Euros. That includes artwork, framed in unique, handmade light box and an adapter matching your region.


About the light box:
Each box is handmade and shows separate stencils on the inside and outside of the lid. Since each box is uniquely done, the motifs all differ slightly from below photo. All boxes operate with low voltage LED lighting and include an adapter matching your region. The lid can easily be switched around or taken off completely. The box itself can stand alone or alternatively be hung on a wall.Box - Stork Club - Front II


About a “Series”:
In total I’ll create a series of 10 similar boxes, of which 3 will be for sale through this website.

All 10 artworks (and boxes) are of course handmade, unique and signed. Although I try to have the artworks look alike, each one has its own character and differs slightly from the others.
Instead of numbers 10 different original “Stork Club” token with different dates embedded into the lid of the box function as a numeration.

Box - Stork Club - Stork


About the Stork Club:
From Prohibition to the dawn of disco, Sherman Billingsley’s Stork Club was the world’s most famous nightspot. Celebrated by newspaper columnist and radio commentator Walter Winchell, the Stork Club drew the best and brightest of American culture-makers. Celebrities from Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe, to Frank Sinatra and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, were among the regulars. On any given night, you might find Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall seated at the table next to Cary Grant and Greer Garson, or perhaps bump into Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz on the dance floor.- www.storkclub.org –

Box - Stork Club - Foto 1


About the Stork Club Lucky Penny:
These tokens were given out by the Stork Club between 1937 until around 1957. Usually it is a US penny encased in aluminum with advertising from the club. (see e.g. Boston Museum of Fine Arts). Each token is an original which I embedded on the hand-made box. It is fixed with glue but can be removed.

Box - Stork Club - Lucky Penny