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After months of preparing new artwork I’m ready to get the exhibition season started with fresh new pieces. Things begin in Krefeld with a solo show, “Art & Architecture” (10th September), before the Stick Together Gallery brings me to Zurich (Contemporary Art Fair Zurich, September 30th – October 2nd ), London (Moniker Art Fair, October 6th – 9th), Cologne (Blooom, Art.Fair, October 26th – 3th) and Miami’s ArtBasel Miami weekend (Art Miami Aqua, November 30th – December 3rd). You’ll find more info to each show in the exhibition section. And let me know if you will be around.

It’s the first special sale since six months, and I wanted to bring new artworks to the table. Please keep in mind that there is an order limit of two artworks per household. First come first serve.

Questions? Please check the FAQ’s first, but always feel welcome to shot me an email to

How to buy:

  1. Send an email to with a short sales inquiry. Please include the artwork you are interested in, as well as your location.
  2. Increase your chances: First come first serve. The faster you write me the higher your chances are to own an artwork. This special sale starts on September 3rd at 7 pm (Central European Time), and ends on September 10th, if not sold out earlier.
  3. Acted too fast? Don’t worry. I read all e-mails and get back to you at the end of the sale. We clarify all details, and we seal the deal only when everything looks good on both sides.
  4. Right to withdrawal: Above all I want you to be happy with your artwork. If you don’t like the piece you can simply send it back within 14 days. Your money will be fully refunded.
  5. More questions? Check out the FAQs below or write me to


Tape art, Kunst mit Klebeband, ruban adhesif. Artwork created with brown packing tape, depicting a Great Gatsby party scene, film noir style from the 1920s

Tape art by Max Zorn – The irresistibility of the carefree

“The irresistibility of the carefree” is the first artwork created on two sheets of acrylic glass instead of one. The small gap between the sheets give the image even more depth. Next to the artist proof (AP) there exist only two similar versions, one for sale here, the other one will be exhibited at international art fairs until sold. The special price indicted below is only valid for the duration of the special sale and will be upped accordingly once it closes. Frame, adapter and shipping worldwide are included.

Title: The irresistibility of the carefree – SOLD
Public Price: 3.300 € (frame included).
Size: 91 x 61cm

Material: Brown packing tape on two sheets of acrylic glass 
Series: 2 similar originals (plus one AP) – One available at this sale – read more about “series” HERE.
Light box: Included – Read more about fitting frames HERE


Tape art, Kunst mit Klebeband, ruban adhesif. Woman in cute dress smoking, displayed in wooden wine box. Special Sale by Max Zorn

Tape art by Max Zorn – River

“River” was a perfect fit for some of the wooden wine boxes that I modified into a LED-lit light frame. I have four versions available, each with a differently colored background. The effect is due to colored tape I use to give each artwork an individual touch. The below price is only valid throughout the special sale. Box, adapter and shipping are included.

Title: River SOLD
Public Price: 300 € (frame included).
Size: 38 x 13 x 13 cm

Material: Brown, and orange (green, red) packing tape on sheets of acrylic glass 
Series: 25 similar originals from which 10 available for this sale – Read more about “series” HERE.
Light box: Included – Read more about fitting frames HERE.


What is a special sale?

I’m aware that prices for my artworks have been rising once they become public. My success as an artist wouldn’t be possible though without the ongoing interest and support of a global community that not necessarily has the deep pockets for art as collectors do. Therefore I traditionally offer selected new works or special editions for a short period exclusively on my website and below their usual price range.

These offers are limited to two works per household, work on a first-come-first-serve basis and are only up until the special sale is sold out and/or closed.

What is a series?

Repeating a theme allows me to work faster and therefore offer original artworks more affordably compared to a one-time-only motif.
Each single artwork is of course an original made from scratch, unique and signed. Although I try to have the artworks look alike, each one has its own character and differs slightly from the others. See it like the repeating performance of a Broadway play: although it follows the same script each night has a different dynamic.

Why is there a waiting list?

When an artwork comes in a series it doesn’t mean I have already created all versions of it. With popular editions it takes me some time to follow up on the demand.

Are these works going to last?

Yes, the works are going to last for decades to come. When finished, all works are sealed airtight to prevent humidity and air to dry out the adhesive. We also add an additional UV-resistant acrylic glass that not only protects the artwork from fading due to sunlight, but also encases the layers of tape between the two pieces of acrylic glass. If you detect any signs of aging please contact us at and we will help you at no extra cost with restorations of the artwork within the first 5 years after purchase.

What about the light boxes:

Light is what brings tape art to life. Like the effect of stained glass windows, light filters through the many layers of tape, creating a visual image. In order to display the works best indoor, I build customized light boxes which support the motifs with warm, low temperature light, individually adjusted to the specific artwork. Due to the long lifetime and low temperature of LED light you may keep the light on permanently.

Dimmer and switches for these LED systems are not part of this offer but widely available online and affordable (between 5 and 20 Euros). I will gladly help if you need recommendation.

What if the light goes off one day?

Adapters can die after a few years but the LED light is incredibly durable. The LED lights I use have an average life expectancy of 50.000 hours. In case they fail nonetheless, just contact us at and we’ll provide you with all instructions to replace the LED-strip. It’s a module system that allows exchanging parts relatively easily.

Is there a battery to charge the lightbox?

All light boxes have to be connected to the electric grid. An adapter/charger (that matches your region) and an extension cord are naturally included in your purchase. Experiments with batteries weren’t fruitful yet, simply because the costs of the frame would increase unreasonably.  Though somewhat annoying there are ways to hide the thin cable that connects lightbox and plug. During exhibitions e.g. we hide cables simply by taping them to the wall and painting the tape over with wall color.

More questions and answers can be found right here.