Four-panel collage capturing various attendees at an art event held at the Bowie House in Fort Worth, part of the Auberge hotel group, showcasing reactions to tape art displays.

Visit The Gallery at Bowie House in Fort Worth to explore the striking artworks of Max Zorn, a tape artist known for his unique approach to crafting images with packing tape.
After being featured on NBC Texas, Bowie House displays four of his creations that blend light and shadow to depict urban life’s depth and complexity. These artworks are conveniently located at the lobby and bar area for visitors to enjoy.

For those interested in learning more, gallery director Emily Gregoire is available to guide you through the hotel’s extensive gallery, which boasts a diverse collection of 200 artworks. Don’t miss the chance to see Max Zorn’s innovative work up close—contact Emily for a guided tour and a deeper insight into the gallery’s offerings:



Gallery at Bowie House
3700 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76107
P   (855) 683-4092

Elegant display of Max Zorn's tape art within the luxurious interior of the Bowie House hotel, enticing art enthusiasts and high-end clientele.

Max Zorn's evocative tape art installations enhance the sophisticated atmosphere of the Bowie House hotel, beckoning potential art collectors.

Max Zorn's Artistic Reflections Meet Western Elegance at the Bowie House Hotel Bar