It is one of the largest and most intricate artworks that Max ever created. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the laborious process of layering and cutting packing tape into shape. What is condensed to minutes in this time-lapse took more than two months of work. The result is a tryptic 10 feet wide and 5 feet high. Each of the three frames function as a light box, illuminating the artwork from behind with warm, durable LED lighting.  

If you want to understand an artist, don’t just look at his finished work. Look at the mess he makes along the way.

“This artwork ties together a lot of loose ends for me. It’s full of idiosyncratic stories, memories and reflections. Looking at the finished piece, it almost feels like flipping through a photo book of highlights on a long journey. It also transforms my experiences into new imagery that becomes alive. The motif is loosely inspired by New York City Times Square decades ago, but most elements are juxtaposed or simply invented and merged into a new composition. But I don’t want my opinion to override what it means in your own mind. All I want is for you to fall in love with the damn thing.”


In the upcoming month Max will create two similar versions of this artwork, one of which is reserved for an upcoming museum exhibition. The other two are available to purchase during the Art Basel Miami show and on this website between December 3rd – 8th. 2019. 

Please write us to if you have any question about this artwork. 










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