Due to the high demand there are currently no artworks available. If you are interested in buying a piece directly from the artist, here is your best bet:

I usually participate in two major shows each year: One during Art Basel Miami early December and one during the Frieze art fair in New York in spring. Parallel to these exhibitions I offer new works for a short time, and for introductory prices, on this website (see more at Special Sales).
Since these exhibitions traditionally sell out quickly, I dedicate the rest of the year preparing for museum exhibitions and back orders.

The easiest way to keep track of upcoming sales is by singing up to my newsletter:

Questions? Please read the FAQ’s below, and don’t hesitate to write us an email to buy@maxzorn.com with any question you might have about my exhibitions, buying art or possible collaborations. It sometimes takes us a while to get back to everyone but we always will, because we remember how it feels to start something exciting. Thanks for your trust and patience,



I take on commissions however I need to ask for patience. There can be up to a 12 month wait for a free slot. In the meantime, feel welcome to write me and share what you have in mind. 

Classic artworks

If you love one of the older works, feel welcome to get in touch, we gladly help out finding a seller and facilitating a fair price.

My Partners

I work with selected galleries around the world, though on the international stage you will see my artworks mainly represented by Stick Together Gallery, one of the star galleries of the new contemporary art movement. Its success is due to gallery owner Audrey Sykes who built a stellar international presence by always putting artists and collectors interests above her own.

Part of the Stick Together Gallery profits are used to support The RAW Project, a nonprofit charity that commissions world leading urban muralists to create stunning works on neglected schools around the world.


OUT NOW – “Tape Art Moments”
– artist book about Max Zorn and the evolution of his tape art: 64 pages with 74 color photos of street art and fine art collection from around the world, plus artist talk in German and English.

Contemporary artist Max Zorn talks about the beginning of his tape art in this art book with critic and art specialist Andreas Junge

 Get your copy of the new MAX ZORN Book HERE  (Euro 30,- /$ 34.06 + 4,99 Euro/ $5.67 shipping worldwide)


Title: Match Point (original) – All reserved
Price:  1900 Euro – 2150 USD (frame, all taxes and shipping worldwide included)
 91 x 61 cm   —   36″ x 24″

Material: Brown, white and green packing tape on acrylic glass
Series: 10 similar originals – Read more about “similar originals” here
Light-box (included): framed black light box, operating with warm, durable LED light. 


Title: Edge of the world  (original) – All reserved
 91 x 61 cm   —   36″ x 24″

Price: 2600 Euro — 2950 USD
 Brown, blue, yellow and white packing tape on acrylic glass

Series: 10 similar originals –  Read more about “similar originals” here
Light-box (included): black frame (5 cm deep) with warm, durable LED light, ready to hang. 


An artwork made with packing tape by contemporary artist Max Zorn, born in the Netherlands he became famous for his elaborate portraits made only with packing tape



Title: The restless pursuit  (original) –  SOLD OUT
Price: 6.000 Euro – 6.800 USD

Size: 91 x 61 cm   —   36″ x 24″
Material: Brown, green, and white packing tape on acrylic glass
Series: 9 similar originals –  Read more about “similar originals” here



This artwork depicts a scene in a speak easy bar. It is only created with packing tape that was cut with a scalpel. Max Zorn created this piece for the Cloak and dagger bar in Fort Lauderdale

A heartbeat apart – Tape Artwork by Max Zorn


Title: A heartbeat apart  (original) –  SOLD 
Price: 15.000 Euros – 17.500 USD
Size: 160 x 100 cm   —   60″ x 40″

Material: Brown, yellow, and green packing tape on acrylic glass
Series: Unique


Contemporary Artist Max Zorn created this artwork with packing tape

Slow Drift – Tape Art by Max Zorn

Title: Slow Drift  (original) – SOLD 
Price: 15.000 Euros – 17.500 USD
Size: 160 x 100 cm   —   60″ x 40″

Material: Brown, yellow, and white packing tape on acrylic glass
Series: Unique


Contemporary artwork created by Max Zorn in Great Gatsby style

Max Zorn Tape Art – Glances


Title: Glances  (original)  – SOLD OUT
Price:  5.600 Euros — 6.400 USD
 91 x 61 cm   —   36″ x 24″

Material: Brown, green, and red packing tape on acrylic glass
Series: 2 similar originals


an artwork made entirely with packing tape for Art Basel Miami and the Aqua Art Fair Miami. The artist Max Zorn cut and layered packing tape in multiple layers in front of a light box in order to shape out the forms

Thorns – Tape Art by Max Zorn

Title: Thorns  (original) – SOLD OUT
5.750 Euros — 6.500 USD
Size: 91 x 61 cm   —   36″ x 24″
Material: Brown and red packing tape on acrylic glass
Series: 5 similar originals



Original work of art by tape artist Max Zorn

Tape Art by Max Zorn – Little Five

Title: Little Five (original) – SOLD OUT
 7.500 €  —  8.000 USD 

Size: 122 x 91 cm   —   48″ x 36″
Material: Brown, white and yellow packing tape on acrylic glass


A piece of contemporary art made with brown and white packing tape

Tape Art by Max Zorn – Memories

Title: Memories (original) – SOLD
 10.000 €  —  11.350 USD 

Size: 101 x 97 cm   —   48″ x 38″
Material: Brown, green and white packing tape on acrylic glass
Series: unique 


Title: The great escape (original) – SOLD OUT
Price: 6.500 Euro — 7500 USD
Size: 91 x 61 cm   —   36″ x 24″
Material: Brown, white, red packing tape on acrylic glass
Series: 9 similar originals –  Read more about “similar originals” here





Who is Max Zorn and what is Tape Art?

Here is what CBS Sunday Morning says: 

What is a special sale?

I’m aware that prices for my artworks have been rising once they become public. My success as an artist wouldn’t be possible though without the ongoing interest and support of a global community that not necessarily has the deep pockets for art as collectors do. Therefore I traditionally offer selected new works or special editions for a short period exclusively on my website and below their usual price range.

These offers are limited to two works per household, work on a first-come-first-serve basis and are only up until the special sale is sold out and/or closed.

What is a series?

Repeating a theme allows me to work faster and therefore offer original artworks more affordably compared to a one-time-only motif.
Each single artwork is of course an original made from scratch, unique and signed. Although I try to have the artworks look alike, each one has its own character and differs slightly from the others. See it like the repeating performance of a Broadway play: although it follows the same script each night has a different dynamic.

Why is there a waiting list?

When an artwork comes in a series it doesn’t mean I have already created all versions of it. With popular editions it takes me some time to follow up on the demand.

Are these works going to last?

Yes, the works are going to last for decades to come. When finished, all works are sealed airtight to prevent humidity and air to dry out the adhesive. We also add an additional UV-resistant acrylic glass that not only protects the artwork from fading due to sunlight, but also encases the layers of tape between the two pieces of acrylic glass. 

What about the light boxes:

Light is what brings tape art to life. Like the effect of stained glass windows, light filters through the many layers of tape, creating a visual image. In order to display the works best indoor, I build customized light boxes which support the motifs with warm, low temperature light, individually adjusted to the specific artwork. Due to the long lifetime and low temperature of LED light you may keep the light on permanently.

Dimmer and switches for these LED systems are not part of this offer but widely available online and affordable (between 5 and 20 Euros). I will gladly help if you need recommendation.

What if the light goes off one day?

Adapters can die after a few years but the LED light is incredibly durable. The LED lights I use have an average life expectancy of 50.000 hours. In case they fail nonetheless, just contact us at info@maxzorn.com and we’ll provide you with all instructions to replace the LED-strip. It’s a module system that allows exchanging parts relatively easily.

Is there a battery to charge the lightbox?

All light boxes have to be connected to the electric grid. An adapter/charger (that matches your region) and an extension cord are naturally included in your purchase. Experiments with batteries weren’t fruitful yet, simply because the costs of the frame would increase unreasonably.  Though somewhat annoying there are ways to hide the thin cable that connects lightbox and plug. During exhibitions e.g. we hide cables simply by taping them to the wall and painting the tape over with wall color.

How do I pay for an artwork?

Simply by bank transfer or Paypal. Payments are only due once we walked through all questions you might have and you give the green light for a purchase. 

Can I pay in installments?

We offer payments in installments, usually starting with a down-payment of 20 percent. The outstanding amount can be split into 3 or 6 monthly installments.


More questions and answers can be found right here.